(Offer) ALFA Interior Dressig 350ml Retail Pack
  • SKU: AID350

(Offer) ALFA Interior Dressig 350ml Retail Pack

Rs.899.00 Rs.15,999.00
ALFA Interior Dressig 350ml Retail Pack:
  • Helps prevent fading, discoloration and premature aging.
  • Enhances vehicle's inteior deep, rich look and adds beautiful finish.
  • Helps renew and revitalize vinyl, rubber and plastic.

          Your vehicle is exposed to dirt, grime and harmful elemtns like UV rays and oxidation every day. Count on Alfa Interior Dressing, the undisputed leader in car care, to help keep your vehicle look as good as the day you brought it.


  1. Shake well before opening.
  2. Apply liberally to a clean cloth or foam and spread evenly., or spray onto the surface. Micro fiber cloth is recommended.
  3. Wipe the excess content off.
  4. Apply as needed to maintain the appearance and protection of the surface.

Packing Details

  • 1 x Spray Pump with Inner Pipe
  • 1 x Spray Bottle (Sealed and Capped)
  • 1 x Micro Fiber Fabric (if ordered in bundle)